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My name is Tom and I'm the owner and sole member of Noisebleed Studio, a small music production studio based in Prague where I live. 

I offer editing, production, programmingmixing, and mastering services on a professional level, at reasonable prices, and with a friendly, flexible attitude.

I can also help you with recording, even though it's not my main area of expertise.

Listen to examples of my sound

I like to focus mainly on metal and its subgenres (metalcore, deathcore, djent, death, black, thrash...), but I'm very much open to working on any genre. 

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A 2019 single by my band Noisebleed. The recording quality was not the greatest (muddy guitars etc.), but I pulled out all the stops to make the mix sound good.

Mixing cover of August Burns Red, one of my favourite bands. Polished DI guitars, sampled bass + drums. Recorded on quality equipment.

Remix of a notoriously hollow and bass-less Metallica masterpiece. Put together from the original live studio tracks by the band, including the bass!

My band Noisebleed and my first mix/master. Raw DI guitars + bass + vocals, sampled drums. Recorded in our rehearsal room on shitty equipment.

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2000-2500 CZK / 80-100 EUR per song

The complete and most popular package, and the best value for your money. I transform your raw tracks into the final product you can proudly present to the world.


If you're planning to release an EP/LP with a cohesive sound across all tracks, it makes my job easier as I can reuse stuff from one song on another.

That is why you only pay full price for the first track, and 75% for the other tracks.


I always try to find solutions that will suit both your musical ambitions AND your budget. 

I'm also not a total know-it-all dick, which is a plus.

You don't need to spend your life savings to make a great record!

Let's get in touch!

If you are interested in my services, contact me using the form below. I love to talk music, so let's figure out what I can do for you and how!