Why choose my studio?

Because I'm not interested in how mixing is "supposed" to be done. My motto is: anything is allowed as long as it makes the song sound good.

I also care more than others.

I know that every band, person, and song is unique, and I strive to respect that as much as possible. While I always have my ideas and preferred sound which I like, you have the final word. 

Are you looking for a brutal, huge, uncompromising wall of distortion for your deathcore anthem?

Or do you prefer maximum clarity where every instrument has its distinct place and every nuance is clearly heard, even though that's not how "modern" metal records are made?

Or maybe you have an indie band and want to produce a chunk of shoegaze goodness with lots of reverb and spacey atmosphere?

Whatever the case, I will always go out of my way to meet your demands.