Pay less for multiple tracks!

If you're planning to release an EP/LP with a cohesive sound across all tracks, it makes my job easier. That is why you only pay full price for the first track.


The first track usually serves as the basis on which we will build the sound of the entire recording (EP/LP). It always requires the most work, and usually more than a few revisions too to get every aspect of your sound right.

Full price


Once the basis of your sound is done, the following tracks are a bit easier. For example, instead of building the guitar sound from scratch every time, I can copy over some of the settings from your first track and simply tweak them.

I also know what kind of sound and feel you're going for.

75 % of full price


2000-3000 CZK / 80-120 EUR 
per track

The best value for your money. I transform your raw tracks into a fully produced song ready to be released. This includes some of the tasks covered in the other two packages.


  • basic audio and MIDI editing
  • basic MIDI programming
  • MIDI-to-audio rendering
  • re-amping of guitars and bass
  • pitch corrections in vocals
  • mixing
  • mastering
  • delivery of audio export in your preferred format
  • 3 revisions based on your feedback


500-1500 CZK / 20-60 EUR
per track

I take your MIDI parts (drums, bass, synths, piano, orchestral parts, choirs) and transform them into high-quality audio tracks by using virtual instruments.


  • basic MIDI editing (correcting timing, velocity, re-mapping drums)
  • basic MIDI programming (humanization, adding drum fills, harmonies etc.)
  • MIDI-to-audio rendering using top-notch virtual instruments
  • delivery of audio exports in your preferred format
  • 3 revisions based on your feedback


500-1000 CZK / 20-40 EUR
per track

If your project requires extensive editing, MIDI programming, pitch corrections, additional arrangements and more, I can cover that too.


  • extensive audio and MIDI editing (basic editing is covered in the full package)
  • extensive MIDI programming (for tracks with lots of MIDI and different sounds)
  • audio pitch corrections
  • additional MIDI arrangements (creating parts that fit your song)
  • exporting individual mixed tracks 
  • anything your heart desires!
    (Well... almost.)

Keep in mind that all prices are greatly dependent on many factors, such as complexity and variability of your tracks, number of instruments, quality and uniformity of recorded material (both in sound and performance), number of MIDI tracks, and more.

This means that prices can be higher or lower than the estimates you see here. There is always room for discussion, so even if your budget seems lower than my basic prices, don't hesitate to get in touch with me and we'll try and come up with a solution!